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    Winner Hi-Tech Ltd. was established in 1975.  We carry a wide variety of high-technological products imported from Japan and distribute mainly to Hong Kong , SAR, and many parts of China.  Our main products include Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd.'s Dotite Series (electro-conductive paste used in PCBs, LCDs, touch panels, etc.), Kawamura Glass Ltd. (which specializes in heat-resistant tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, glass mosaic tiles, etc.) and Yoshikawa Ltd.s LCD rubbing cloth related products.
    Through more than 30 years of business experience, we strive to find high-quality and innovative products for our customers and accommodate according to the rapid changes of todays market trends.  We emphasize on customer satisfaction and work strongly toward our products and services so that they are compatible with different individual needs.  We also have vast connections in Japan where we have confidence we can find products from your requests most suitable for your business.